A Vivify Pass can be activated by:

1. Acquiring a Trial Pass which will be available for activation via Vivify App once the user’s contact number has been verified.

2. Buying a Vivify Pass via Vivify App. Pass will be immediately activated once payment is successful.

3. Entering an Activation Code via Vivify App. Activation code can be acquired from:

    a) a physical Gift Pass that can be purchased from selected Vivify Merchant outlet or Vivify Event. There will                 be a 12-digit Activation Code printed on the Gift Pass.

    b) a digital Gift Pass that can be purchased via the Vivify App. The 12-digit Activation Code will be sent via email             and app notification message to the buyer. 

4. First successful scan redemption using the Vivify Card with a Vivify Collaborator. Vivify Card can be purchased at any Vivify Event.


You can also visit our App-How-To page to get the step-by-step here: https://vivify.com.my/activating-a-vivify-pass-on-buying-online-for-myself/